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We run a [warning: buzzword] people business. So let’s get to know each other. Our presentations, workshops and training sessions offer a little taste of our work. The following are tried and tested methods for getting started.

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diffferent - Customer Experience 2025

Customer Experience 2025

The moment of truth happens earlier in the sales funnel than ever before. Come along on the journey with us:

  • best practice cases for customer experience in the digital age
  • Tools and techniques to quickly and creatively develop new offers
  • concrete product and service ideas
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diffferent - Agile Strategies

Agile Strategies

An agile environment demands agile strategy. We’ll show you how:

  • learn the four central phenomena of agile strategy
  • develop concrete solutions to your challenges
  • develop prototypes collaboratively
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diffferent - Design Thinking School

Design Thinking School

Design Thinking means radical user orientation. This time for real. So this is our approach:

  • Analysis: cultivate an understanding of the challenge, identify the customer’s needs, and then focus
  • Ideation: draft solutions to the challenge working in multidisciplinary teams
  • Prototyping: develop and test your first prototype
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diffferent - Systematic Innovation

Systematic Innovation

Innovation doesn’t need a genie in a bottle. It needs systems. This is how Systematic Innovation succeeds:

  • study the methods behind the Ten Types of Innovation
  • draw inspiration from trans-industry Best Cases
  • analyse your status quo in selected fields of innovation
  • develop at least ten ideas for connected innovation in these fields
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diffferent - Mental Leadership

Mental Leadership

Strong brands find their topic. Then they make their mark on it. They transition from commercial to cultural entities. To Mental Leaders. Is your brand ready?

  • Mission: How does your brand find its topic? For what and for whom are you fighting?
  • Action: How can your brand embody its mission through its behaviour?
  • Impact: How can your brand nail down its topic and generate profit?
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diffferent - Strategic Pit Stop

Strategic Pit Stop

In the diffferent pit stop, we hoist your brand onto a test bench for the digital age. We explore the following questions:

  • How should brand leaders react to increasingly volatile, rapidly changing platforms and content?
  • How can a brand identify and dominate the relevant topics?
  • From a branding perspective, how does dialogue and relationship management work in the digital age?
  • What does the marketing department of the future look like?
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diffferent - Content Marketing Workshop

Content Marketing Workshop

Content marketing has grown up. As the hype fades, we ask these questions:

  • How do you maintain edge and personality amidst the content swamp?
  • What should content contribute to your overall marketing and brand goals?
  • How much can and should be automated in the process of content creation?
  • What exactly is a Customer Content Journey?
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