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What moves us

We’re a team of more than 80 people who spend the whole day thinking. All that contemplation inevitably produces some silly ideas. But occasionally there’s something worth sharing. So here we go.

diffferent - Is digitalization disrupting human satisfaction?

Is digitalization disrupting human satisfaction?

Every digital innovation comes with the promise of saving time and eliminating hassle. This leads to a world of increasing convenience and abundance, where many things in our daily lives require less and less effort. We can fulfil our desires much more easily, reaching more and more moments of instant gratification.

diffferent - Why fff and yyy are now next to each other in the alphabet

Why fff and yyy are now next to each other in the alphabet

diffferent and SYZYGY join Forces. SYZYGY now holds a majority. We are convinced that this is the right step for us at the right time.

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diffferent -  Custo­mer Cen­tri­city

Custo­mer Cen­tri­city

We believe in Customer Centricity. Those who start innovation projects by bringing their customers on board will ultimately win.Important insights, money and time.

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diffferent - Agile Strategies

Agile Strategies

Agile is the buzzword of the year. So what? What does it mean for strategy development and projects?

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diffferent - Content Stra­tegy

Content Stra­tegy

Content strategy remains a hot topic. Yet we tend to forget an important truth: You won’t impress anyone by simply stuffing every channel with content. To retain loyal customers, you need a genuine passion for the subject and the ability to excite your audience.

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diffferent - AI and Marke­ting

AI and Marke­ting

AI is becoming a crucial tool to make marketing more efficient. Whether it develops into your secret weapon or your competition depends solely on you. For the symbiosis of man and machine can be both a blessing and a curse.

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diffferent - Mental Leader­ship

Mental Leader­ship

Positioning your brand in the digital age takes more than just a slick image campaign. It requires finding an issue relevant to our society that the brand can identify with completely. Something it can fight for.

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diffferent - Co Creation

Co Creation

Sometimes it's difficult and even painful to level with people when it really counts. Co-creation is more than just reviewing projects in the final stages of completion. It means open-minded work on equal terms - consistently and right from the beginning.

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