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Workplace. And lifeplace.

In the place where you spend the better part of your waking hours, you should feel at home. That’s why diffferent is more than just a place to work. It’s a place to live. And we work hard to make it happen.

This is what's waiting for you.






THE difffriends

Diffferent - Alexander Kiock WebDiffferent - Alexander Kiock

Alexander Kiock

Diffferent - Brenya Adjei WebDiffferent - Brenya Adjei

Brenya Adjei

Diffferent - Dirk Jehmlich WebDiffferent - Dirk Jehmlich

Dirk Jehmlich

Diffferent - Melanie Beck WebDiffferent - Melanie Beck

Melanie Beck

Diffferent - Jan Pechmann WebDiffferent - Jan Pechmann

Jan Pechmann

Diffferent - Jean Boucsein WebDiffferent - Jean Boucsein

Jean Boucsein

Diffferent - Kathrin Gervasoni WebDiffferent - Kathrin Gervasoni

Kathrin Gervasoni

Diffferent - Kim Neikes WebDiffferent - Kim Neikes

Kim Neikes

Diffferent - Nico Rudorf WebDiffferent - Nico Rudorf

Nico Rudorf