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Smart Insights

Rethinking research and analytics

Thick data. (Very) big data. Customer interaction. Multi-channel challenges. Infobesity. More than any other competence center within a company, research and analytics have been deeply affected by digitalisation and the increasing speed of product and innovation cycles. Our Smart Insights team leads businesses into this new era.

At the same time, the problems of market research are more complex, unique and deep-seated than ever before. As our opportunities for research and analysis multiply, so too does the need for speed and agility. The imperative to glean real insights from data has never been greater.

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Less reporting, more rock and roll

At diffferent, we don’t think in terms of qual and quant, big data and thick data. Instead, we contemplate the strategic challenges. Working with an interdisciplinary team of data, social, and UX scientists, we find the most useful answers to the most important questions. At exactly the right moment. With creativity, insight, and a keen understanding of what people and markets need.

We take the data that your business is already producing and transform it into Smart Insights. In doing so, we harvest new and useful types of data. We maintain close contact with people (demographics, communities, workshops) and utilise the latest tools and data technologies (scraping, cutting, modelling).

We strive to find smarter working solutions based on insights. How can we maximise the impact of insights, generated in an elaborate process? How do we ensure consistent learning from and with the insights of the organization? How do we impart genuine knowledge? And what does this mean for our structures, processes and tools?

Questions that keep us thinking:

  • How can research and analytics be understood in light of our thirst for knowledge?
  • How do people interact with new technologies like chat bots and virtual reality?
  • What role does our brand play in people’s lives?
  • How can we understand end-to-end customer experience and make it better?
  • Which features does a newly designed service urgently need?

Mistakes we’ve made (so that you don’t have to):

  • Developing highly elaborate customer profiles, only to realise that they cannot be adequately represented in a CRM system. And there’s no budget to offer unique solutions to each customer group.
  • Attempting 360-degree research without a proper thesis and direction. No game plan means no ROI.
  • Using research as a substitute for decisiveness. That kind of research delivers false results.
  • Producing a 100-page report (or longer) without giving the client concrete instructions on what to do next. Strategic research is about conveying smarter insights from the very beginning.

Clients with whom we’ve shared ideas and achieved success:

Audi, Ikea, HSE24, Humana,, Porsche, Telekom, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge and many more.

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