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Service Innovation

We make ideas tangible

In the future, innovation will have little to do with products. Instead, non-tangible services and interactions will become decisive. Our mission is to help companies steel themselves for the service and experience economy while supporting them to develop service innovations and equipping them with the necessary skills for the future.

Our service innovation team answers the big questions. What does the future of product development look like? What will replace production lines and machines? In fact, we see ourselves as a modern production line – one that brings new ideas to life. We focus on the user, and we help companies solve problems in the most direct way. We don’t just think about user centricity. We make active use of it.

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Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation

Around here, you won’t find dogmatic design thinking or blind adherence to established processes and methods.. We develop and adapt future-oriented services. Starting with the identification of potential opportunities, we follow through to a finished and tested prototype. Along the way, we keep every stakeholder engaged. Our work is defined by three objectives: understand the challenges of the client, identify the needs of users (both internal and external), and keep up with what’s happening in the world. We aim to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation, developing solutions that both convince and surprise.

Sustainable skills vs. short-sighted trend hopping

We support our customers in launching agile initiatives (both temporary as well as long-term), including new departments and corporate labs, which in turn generate new ideas for products and services. We help our clients with strategic positioning, the development of agile and iterative processes, and the creation of new tools.

We must ensure that design thinking becomes more than an ephemeral concept in our client’s organisation. Which is why we develop strategies, concepts and formats that place user centricity, design thinking and service design front of mind. Armed with this knowledge, we help employees and managers to sharpen their awareness for future trends and topics, and to translate these abstract ideas into meaningful action.

Questions that keep us thinking:

  • How do we translate future trends into palpable areas of action?
  • How do we successfully set up our own corporate lab?
  • How do we prepare ourselves for the service economy?
  • How can we shape the consumer experiences of the future?
  • How do we share innovative management methods?

Customers with whom we’ve shared ideas and achieved success:

Audi, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Telekom, Deutsche Bahn

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