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Innovation Fitness

Team sport beyond the comfort zone

We help our clients boost their innovative competence, develop surprising digital products and design smarter business models. With this we deliver Strategic Surprise, case studies, prototypes and MVPs. And we’ll find the right partner to launch your pilot program.

Innovations are novel solutions to real problems – solutions that pay off. This is our understanding and expectation of every innovation project.

At diffferent, we don’t believe in innovation gurus. Rather, we see innovative competence as a team sport, one that requires an appetite for risk, plenty of stamina, and a genuine interest in the subject. As with any sport, successful innovation happens outside the comfort zone.

We help our clients to systematically strengthen the innovative competence of their organisation while boosting their (re)action speeds.

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Benefit model vs. business model

When faced with a business problem, we’ve got our toolkit at the ready. We focus on user centricity while advancing the interests of our client’s business. Which is why we prefer benefit models over business models.

We map out opportunities so that, instead of simply clutching at straws, we can systematically act on every chance that arises. We understand that the main driver of innovation is always human aspiration. Because technologies follow budgets, and budgets follow aspirations.

Questions that keep us thinking:

  • How can we innovate in a systematic way?
  • How can we make use of virtual reality, chatbots and AI in marketing?
  • How can we make concepts such as ambidexterity and resilience relevant to everyday problems?
  • In the digital age, how can we revitalise our cash cows? Which new products will enable a digital framework?
  • As a company with a strong sense of corporate responsibility, how do we keep pace with the speed of global innovation?

Mistakes we’ve made (so that you don’t have to):

  • Working on apparent problems instead of real ones. Getting to the business case stage and realising that customers will only pay to solve problems that actually exist.
  • Delivering innovation strategies without a proof of concept. Generally speaking, innovation carries a lot of risk. Without a proof of concept, few are willing to make a leap of faith.
  • Learning from startups – when, in reality, eight in ten will fail. Those two that survive do so because they learn how to scale their businesses. And they learn this from big companies. Startups are a great source of inspiration, and useful for running pilot programs. But they don’t offer a real blueprint for innovative competence.

Clients with whom we’ve shared ideas and achieved success:

Audi, Volkswagen, Telekom, FunFactory

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