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Digital Transformation

Strategies for changing times

Digitalisation is radically changing our lives and our work. If you think you’re well prepared for the next few years, you’re mistaken. We have only witnessed the very beginning of digital transformation.

We help our clients figure out how their goals and tragets and thus priorities will change in the face of digitalisation. Data, algorithms and digital technology have upended traditional business models and ways of life. At the same time, entirely new business opportunities present themselves – opportunities that require a modern approach to Customer Experience. To stay at the forefront of these developments, companies must use their innovative potential and continually refine their understanding of digitalisation.

Digitalisation is changing the way we work. We help our clients explore ways to meet the changing needs of their employees. How should a business respond, when all its employees will soon be asking to work remotely from a beach in Honolulu? How can a company be agile, international and automated?

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Questions that keep us thinking:

  • What should a CDO do in his or her first 100 days?
  • What effect does digitalisation have on workspaces and structures?
  • How do we help our employees understand key developments in media and technology so that they can keep pace with digital transformation?
    *What goals are we trying to achieve in the digital space?
  • What does the ideal Customer Experience 2025 look like?

Mistakes we’ve made (so that you don’t have to):

  • PowerPoint instead of proof point. You need to quickly convert an idea into pilots and prototypes. Otherwise, an idea will amount to nothing.
  • It’s high time … but for what, I’m not quite sure. What do all these stakeholders mean when they speak of digital transformation? Without a clear definition of the concept and the problem, you can’t have clear goals and intentions.
  • I know everything about digitalisation. Say hello to relative incompetence. In the digital space, everything changes so fast that you really shouldn’t claim to know everything. Because you simply can’t.
  • Digitalisation by popular vote. Digital transformation can only be implemented from the top down. It requires the committed involvement of the boss. If you haven’t got that, the whole thing will fall apart.

Clients with whom we’ve shared ideas and achieved success:

MSD, Telekom, Volkswagen, Unitymedia

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