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Brand Purpose

More than just three values on a chart

A brand is more than its logo. It’s more than three values on a chart. A brand is the soul and compass of a business. The brand purpose symbolises what a company really stands for.

We help our clients to understand the real meaning of their work. To find their brand purpose, strengthen it, and make it come alive. We help companies find relevance in the daily lives of their customers and maintain composure in the chaos of the digital age.

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Innovative routes to the heart of a brand

The significance of a brand cannot be construed; it must be found. For this we employ an agile strategy, which takes into consideration that brand positioning is not a linear equation but needs space to grow. Space to let the real, phenomenal qualities of your brand shine through. Travelling this path, we rarely find ourselves in the company of Meffert and Porter. Instead, we rely on innovative methods, such as brand hackathons, brand truths, as well as identifying common enemies and meaningful promises.

Brand development is highly strategic. Yet we don’t search for the essence of a brand in the brand book. Rather, we visit the canteen. We talk to the field team. We read the job descriptions and purchasing guidelines.

Questions that keep us thinking:

  • In its current incarnation, is our brand model future-proof?
  • How do we extract an authentic brand purpose from brand values?
  • How do we derive unique content ideas from our brand purpose?
  • How do we keep our colleagues motivated in the long run?
  • How do we infuse every section of the business with our brand essence?

Mistakes we’ve made (so that you don’t have to):

  • The Mista Pizza. Three positionings in one. No mandate, no courage to make the hard calls. But pursuing the project anyway. Destined for failure from day one.
  • Consensus creates chaos. Discussing the positioning from a democratic perspective. Losing our edge as a result. The best you can hope for is average.
  • Pursuing truth over perception. Thinking only in advertising terms. When the truth of a brand is really to be found in perception. At the point of sale. In the product and the service. You don’t have the right departments on board for your project? That’s wasted potential.

Clients with whom we’ve shared ideas and achieved success:

Deutsche Bahn, Beiersdorf, Ikea, Nestlé, Porsche, Zalando and many more.

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