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ACT diffferent - Was wir machenACT diffferent - Was wir machen

What we do

We bring businesses into the 21st century. We help them find relevance in the daily lives of their customers and maintain composure in the chaos of the digital age. We work with our clients to develop new products, services and business models. We help organisations become agile and future-oriented while preparing teams and employees for the digital present.

Our skill sets

diffferent - Smart Insights

Smart Insights

Rethinking research and analytics

What potential lies untapped in Smart Insights? How can we use data – from products, customers and environments – to understand people better? To discover new business potential and translate it into smarter actions? How can we discover hidden customer needs and market dynamics and use them to our strategic advantage?

Smart Insights at diffferent
diffferent - Brand Purpose

Brand Purpose

More than just three values on a chart

What does a modern Brand Experience look like for my business? What’s our purpose – our big Brand Story? And which line of suspense, media and touchpoints help to hit it big? How do we make sure that we change the truth, and not merely the perception of truth?

Brand Purpose at diffferent
diffferent - Innovation Fitness

Innovation Fitness

Team sport beyond the comfort zone

How do we cultivate Innovation Fitness in our own backyard? Why do we want to be innovative in the first place? Where are the big opportunities? What are the barriers? What are the smart methods and formats for innovation training? How do we create new things, not just occasionally with outside help, but consistently under our own steam?

Innovation Fitness at diffferent
diffferent - Service Innovation

Service Innovation

We make ideas tangible

How do we develop Service Innovations that fit with our business model? Which offers, partners and interfaces will help us excite our audience and outclass the competition? And how do we offer a Service Experience that captivates our customers?

Service Innovation at diffferent
diffferent - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Strategies for changing times

How do we design a digital transformation for our own business? What possibilities does digitalisation offer our clients, products and business models? How we evolve our business, our employees and our offer? And how do we manage it all amidst our day to day operations?

Digital Transformation at diffferent

Our clients

Daiichi Sankyo
Deutsche Bahn
eBay Kleinanzeigen